Monday, November 23, 2009

~Oshi n aCap ~

When Oshi first talked to aCap,
Oshi felt like Oshi had known aCap forever,
telling aCap my problems
and what Oshi didn't want ever.
aCap listened to Oshi
Oshi bet aCap thought Oshi'd never end,
who would have thought
we would be the best of friends.
Over a period of time,
Oshi got to know the real aCap.
A guy so charming and gentle,
with a heart so true.
You've survived your life
with Oshi by your side.
Oshi told aCap Oshi'd never leave
because of the feelings Oshi have inside.
There was a time
Oshi wanted to explore,
what would have happened
if Oshi would only open the door.
Oshi know aCap
like no one Oshi have ever known,
and sometimes Oshi wonder
what do Oshi do when we're alone?
So Oshi have decided
time answers all.
If it is meant to betime will remove the wall.
Standing between us,
holding us back,allowing us to feel
It's the relationship that we lack.
Oshi love the way we are together,
aCap can always make Oshi smile.
Will it ever really be forever?
Oshi guess Oshi will have to wait awhile.
Time will reveal,
what lies aheadbut always remember
what Oshi have said.
Meeting aCap has changed my life
and Oshi really love aCap so,
the feelings Oshi feel for aCap
Oshi never letting go.
Remember Oshi always
and Oshi will too.
Oshi will always think of aCap
Oshi and aCap.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

You are my heart, my soul, my treasure, my today, my tomorrow, my forever, my everything!

yeap.. mmg bby pergi dgan full of hurts.. sO mybe kat sne bby ley tenangkan hati sket ..smpai dkat kg mummy arOund 2.00 a.m friday mOwnink ! tgOk jex phOne.. dah xde line celcOm sudey...cuaca hujan x benti lak.. mcm tawu2 hati bby cmne tyme tue en....

buhsan... tataw nk g mne at sne.. nk g rOnda2 pOn .. hujan.. nk kuar bebOrak..xpndai ckap Thai..sO juz stay dlm blik..Oh God..i can;t stOp thingking Of him... and finally i realized that i can't stay away frOm him....i can't leave withOut u bie !! hOnestly.. it feels suCk when nO sms.. nO call frOm u .. really suCk when i heard nOthing frOm u sweetheart .. i hOpe u feel the same too..

the first thing when bby arrived at Lee Garden hOtel,Hatyai..1 a.m on Sunday mownink ! with full Of hOpes.. bby on phOne.. ahaha.. mntak2 lew ade je line.. yes2! mmg ade pOn.. but xbOle nk call Out ke Malaysia..dunnO why .. then bby try sent sms kt Bie .. huhu .. bOleh la.. then bie reply .. bie .. bby miss u a lOt ...

Then bile smpy jex bOrder Thailand- Malaysia.. bby trus call u .. Unfortunately.. batt3 lak empty..but bby happy bcOz bie smpat jwab call n say .. sayang.. huhu .. miss glew kOt bie pnggil cmtue.. 3 hari Ouh tak dengar .. haha ..bie mse tu ngah tdO erk ? huhu sOeii yea.. xsngje kacO bie haha...

dlm kul 6 cmtue.. bby smpai umah sudaa... trus call bie.. tp ur fwen jwab ckp aCap mndi la.. haha..aduh .. mcm2 la en ... finally baru bie jwab... huhu lma en kite on the phOne.. telinga bby da pnas glew kOt .. but rndu pnyer psal.. biar jex... huhu .. knOe sumthing sygs,, i lOve u ! i can't live withOut u !! bie ckap jgan g da erk? haha ciannye kna tnggal... tue la.. wat prangai lg .. nnty bby g lagi jauh bru taw,..

My prOmise !


we may not be the best of what we are,

we may not talk often,

I just want you to know that no matter how difficult things can be,

In the long run

You will still have me...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

gOOdbye ~

bie.. if dis evening bby x smpat nk wish gOOdbye kt u ..u read jex dis blOg k ?if tak sempat say gOing with full Of hurts... seyesly dis week ..bie jauh gler nan bby ..tak mcm befOre .. but bie yakinkan bby en... bie ckap.. nO la.. bie always wif me.. n bby pOn nk sdapkan hti .. n juz say .. yea.. uke la... but deep in my heart .. juz me knOw it.. sO sOrry if it make u hurt after u read this... bie .. tcare k ? jgan nOtty sgt ... jgan asyik tdO jewk.. study same laa... jgan mlas... ketuk kpla nnty taw .. ? i'm leaving u 3 days.. nO sms.. nO chatting .. n call frOm me.. tcare Of urself.. i lOve u .. if i never cOme baCk .. juz want u 2 knOw .. i lOve u damn mUch !!

gOOdbye sweetheart ...

Friday, November 13, 2009

To the One Dat I lOve !! <3

Dear Hubby ..

How happy you have made my life ..

What jOy you've brought my way ..

Your gift for making clouds roll by ..

And lighting up each day ..

How blesssed i am tO see your face ..

The happiness yOu shOw ..

You are the dearest one tO me ..

The One that i lOve sO ..

with lOve,


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

last night n dis night !!

bie.. smlm bby mara bie .. actually x patOt en bby mara ? sbb bkan bie yg suh dat gurl tulis en? hmm.. tp jeles sket la.. but bie yakinkan bby .. bie ckap die juz ex bie jek.. dats all.. uke.. bby trust u .. bie pOn nk bby trust u en ? uke fine.. sO sOrry .. k ? bie ckap bie syg bby jex.. xde yg laen.. uke2.. thx bie .. bby pOn syg bie .. (i hOpe i LOVE u all my LIFE) ..
pastue bie ckap bie nk fOkus study .. kan ? b da bnyak fun n enjOy .. huhu happy 2 hear dats sygs ! hOld ur wOrds taw bie .. bby suppOrt u k ? chaiyOKk2 !! hahaha .. nnty kalO bie maen2 agy .. bby ketuk kpla bie(ketuk mnje2 jex)x smpy ati Ouh .. hahaha... k sygs ! gdlUck taw !! huhu
i lOve u mOre than U dO sygs !!!
there's nOthing can descriBe my lOve tO yOu..
u're my Everything hOney !!
deeps in my heart ! juz u Only.. no One else...
bie .. bby bOsan gilew neyh .. tyme nie bby taw bie ngah sebuk ngn xcimen bie en.. xpe bby pham sgt2 .. hukhuk.. agypOn bby xkesah .. bie bz sbb study .. bkan wat bnde plik2 an ? bby nk bie success slalu taw ! prOmise with me k ?

Monday, November 9, 2009

AAR !! da best !!

best kan ?
hahahaha .. tgok pOn da rsa enjOy !!

suma wajah2 keriangan ! guys ..
u all rawcks!!

hallOween tyme !!
dat ghOst want tO kill me !! hehe !

Sunday, November 8, 2009

31st OctOber 2009

clOse erk cter kat PD ..
hahahhahaha.....cter laen lak... dri PD gerak ke PuchOng.. n kat sne Oshi knal nan Icha .. huhu ! die cumel la.. chinese lOOk ! ahhaa.. dat mOwnink ktOrg sume stay at Umah Icha .. huhuh .. thx tO her n her mOm .. tdO rmai2 .. sesak2 jgak.. asalkan ade tmpat nk rest.. pastu dlm kul 10 pg .. suma da bangOn .. mOm ichA wat bekfast .. mee gOreng .. haha .. wjah2 kelaparan sume ade tyme tue.. kiran mkan pling bnyk kOwt ? haha ... thx yea mOm icHa .. erm kt stu la oshi jmpe iCha 4 the 1st tyme n the last tyme .. then x jmpe da.. :( n x sempat nk snaP piC nan die
sume gerak ke CASA balek.. my bie tue tak sbar2 nk mndi kat pOOl.. mcm bdak2 jex an .. haha... berendam seketika .. huhuh ... lpak CASA jap.. sementra tnggu sume kwan2 berkumpul .. nk g kOnsert AAR kat bukit Jalil...
smpai kt sna .. Oshi knal ngn kwan baru.. rmai.. tyO.. pastu shasha... hehehe rmay la... enjOy ngn kOrang ! best !! huhu
sume ckp Oshi nan aCap mcm abg n adEq .. abg acaP n adeQ shirO ! hahaha.. bie .. thx 2 u k .. gler2 jge bby kt sna.. hug me x lpass.. takOt hlang .. yerla kecik je kan ? hehehe ... kite melOmpat sma2 .. sweet Ouh .. gOnna miss dat mOment damn muCh .. i lOve u sweetheart !
after kOnsert.. kami kmbali ke CASA .. sume da tired kowt .. Oshi pOn off awl.. haha .. saket pnggang lg .. sume ade la... eyh .. sOk tue da maw balek lOrh ... :((